Allow People Decide If They Want To Remain In Nigeria Or Not, Nnamdi Kanu Tells President Buhari’s Government

Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, has asked the Nigerian Government to allow people self-determine if they wish to remain a part of the country or not.

Kanu, who is calling for Eastern Nigeria to secede and become the Republic of Biafra, said it was unfair to merge people together against their wish.

In a broadcast on Monday, the IPOB leader also said that Nigerians must condemn the attacks on Christians in Southern Kaduna. 

He said, “I am against the slaughtering of Christians from Southern Zaria. I am against the persecution and killing of people from any ethnic group in Nigeria. That is what we are against.

“We must stand-up to condemn evil and speak at all times truth. That is why I revered the legendary musician Fela Kuti because he spoke the truth.

“Allow the people to decide where they want to belong. After all Alaska is nearer Canada but they decided to be in the United States.”


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